When employees are offered a DPC option, they receive access to a platform, which is a website where they can search for a conveniently-located practice and a suitable provider and plan.
When an employee applies to be your patient, their basic demographic data is inserted into your Twin Oaks database as a prospect. They remain a prospect until they come for their first in-office visit, sign a DPC Agreement and become your patient. Once a patient is activated, you will begin receiving payment. To assist you in activating new patients promptly, you will receive an email notifying you each time one enrolls. You can also schedule an email listing all prospects to be sent daily (or on whatever cycle you prefer) to a designated email address.
Yes, you set your own pricing. The employer will cover either the full amount or a partial amount. If it’s a partial subsidy, the remainder will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck. You will receive the full amount due to you, to the extent we receive it, on or before the last day of the service month.
Yes. Twin Oaks works with all kinds of corporations, small businesses, state and local employers and religious groups to make DPC an option, and eligible employees and members are located everywhere.
You determine your panel cap, and set that limit in your corporate profile. Once your self-determined cap is met, new prospects will not be able to apply to be a patient in your practice. Later, when another patient has canceled or expired, a slot will automatically open up, and the platform will again allow prospective patients to apply to your practice. You can change your panel capacity limit at any time.
This doesn’t occur very often but when it does, here is what happens: When payment is not received by the monthly due date, generally the 15th of the month, Twin Oaks globally flags all patients for whom payment was not received. When a flagged patient comes in for a visit their check in screen will flash red and there will be an explanatory message. Then it will be your decision whether or not to provide services. Twin Oaks will make general inquiries about the delinquent employer. If they pay, Twin Oaks will unflag the affected patients. If an employer goes out of business, Twin Oaks will inform you that you should convert those patients to EFT billing.
Twin Oaks has an open API which allows for programming integrations with other software. We are building integrations with EMR companies, text messaging software, cellphone apps, etc.
We welcome your suggestions. All ideas are compiled and reviewed. Ones that appear to have broad appeal are generally implemented. We have been doing this for nearly 30 years. As a result, our software will continue to grow and adapt to the needs of our clients.